It’s only just over a week until I finish my job and move to Cardiff. I’ve packed up my paint stuffs so in lieu of making a mess, I’ve found myself taking photographs of just about everything that catches my eye.


Light…shade… I have a lot of love for natural beauty at the moment. I had to step to the left to avoid the abandoned tray of chips getting into the photograph. I probably didn’t need to include that information but what can I say, I am an open book. 


Painting is therapeutic. Do any of the rest of you arty¬†folk feel a massive sense of relief through painting and creating¬†that you can’t get from anything else? I often feel like my brain is wired differently.



I’m going to miss Bedford. Strolls along the river taking too many photos of the birds. That’s my thing now. I know, I’m so cool and so rock and roll. Knocking on the door to 26 and I’ve turned into One Of Those People.

The more astute amongst you may have noticed the name change on my blog. Out with the old and all that. I’m a grown up now. Photos of birds and masters degrees. Packs up life and moves to Wales. Okay, that part is on the to do list for my immediate future but it’s all coming. 

I feel sad and excited at the same time. It’s not always bigger and better, sometimes it’s just different for a while. It’s hard to step away from something that works.