WordPress has just reliably informed me that this is my 500th post. 500.. Woah, on 500 occasions I have had nothing better to do with my life.

For all the newbies, the numbered posts are in relation to the 365 project I abandoned about a year ago.. The numbers just sorta stuck because.. it just felt a better way of labelling them. But lets be honest, numbers or names, 500 posts down the line I don’t know my arse from my elbow.

21% of my views are on Wednesdays. In 2014 I was just shy of 5,000 ‘likes’. I’m not sure what benefit these stats are to my life but someone has obviously asked for them. Thanks anonymous, my right eye is now twitching from statistical information overload.

I woke up this morning with a Lotus Biscoff in my bed. One of those little caramel flat brown biscuits you get given with your coffee when you’re in the hairdressers. Those little freebie biscuits you get given on the side like a bribe for a tip when you’re in a cafe. NO IDEA. I don’t even drink coffee anymore. WHY would it be there? Just sat there in my bed, all unassuming. I wouldn’t mind, but I changed my sheets the other day. Unless I have started blacking out as I clean – that’s all I can think of. At which point my brain decides it would be a great idea to play hide and seek with complimentary biscuits. Where will they turn up next? In the kettle? Or I’ve started sleep walking, breaking into local hairdressers and thieving their complimentary refreshments..? Watch this space.

New lumpy painting. The thought process was.. I was this to be as beautiful as possible. I feel like I have achieved this, if I say so myself..


4 thoughts on “328.

    1. Oh thank you very much! I’m not sure I have another 500 posts in me but I shall give it my best shot!

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