Reminds me of a patch worth quilt. 100cmx100cm.

I’m easing myself back into painting. I have a couple of commissions to work on but I’m not the rushing sort.

8 thoughts on “357.

  1. I like this – it has depth. I’m not sure how you did it. What medium/materials…and pardon the request (I get the idea you’re like me and don’t appreciate being jostled) do you have any closeups or details of this. I really like it.

    1. It’s an old canvas I reused. I partially a covered the old painting with black spray paint and then I added splodges of various acrylic paints which I flattened slightly with a sponge. Left this all to dry overnight before using masking tape to section it off. Went over the sections with a light coating of acrylic paints. I only ever really use acrylic paints because I’m not patient enough for oils. Too heavy handed for watercolours etc. Thank you! I have a TONNE of close ups. Might upload them another day!

    1. Thank you! No problem at all. In truth I started trying to copy a painting I had done a couple of months ago but it has ended up as something very different. It just showed me that I can use the same technique but it doesn’t mean I will end up with the same outcome as before.

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