The colour drains from your face, down your body and your blood rushes to your knees.

5 thoughts on “367.

    1. Haha!! Don’t blame you. No, not for me. The idea of standing in a black tent in someone’s conservatory in my knickers wearing a white hair net has never really appealed to me.

      1. I actually do the real thing – I’m like a cat and follow the sun around the garden. But since I’m usually sitting down, only the front side of me gets browned. It probably looks like I walked into one of those tents JUST when the colour ran out!

      2. Just don’t turn around. You might look a little shifty backing away from people but hey! I don’t tan. My skin repels the sun. A couple of years back I burnt my arms real bad whilst wearing a tshirt on holiday (on the first day). I spent the rest of the week looking as though I was wearing long red gloves. A strong look if I say so myself.

      3. Ouch! I’m a mixed breed human, and while our mom was a red head I take after my dad and the weak Irish sun barely gets me any colour. That said – I’m actually darker than my full-blooded Italian friends this year – it’s been that bad! Good thing I’m a cat.
        Except for the backside, lol

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