gold mess

GOLD MESS. It is too late to save me. I am a goner. There is no hope. I hope that I do not influence you. Just because I post loads of glitter online – maybe you think “hey, I like that”.

Don’t do it.

Just don’t.

Don’t buy glitter. It may start with a little craft kit, a small amount of glitter. You may be able to handle it. You may start buying “back up glitter” for when you run out. Before you know it, you live, breathe, eat the stuff. You will find it in places you never thought possible – like between your toes. Your hairdresser will find it on your scalp when you go to get your hair did. You will cough the stuff up. Something in your eye? Glitter. Even your dog will sparkle.

Now, now – you may believe that sounds innocent enough. This is no laughing matter.

I recently found myself buying a 36 pack of glitter in W H Smiths. 36.

There is nothing left in my life. Nothing that is not entirely covered in glitter.

With Christmas fast approaching, I fear I will be lost forever.

Run whilst you still can.

3 thoughts on “386.

    1. Haha well you are probably better off without! No matter how much I hoover it still reappears!

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