I don’t do new drawings anymore. I just repost old ones.. Joking – but those spotting my repetition will note it is not that far off the mark.

So I chose to post this because this drawing is important to me. From perhaps 2012/2013, it was the first thing I had drawn in years that I was genuinely proud of. And I still am. I like that I can look back over the past couple of years and still say that I hold this up as one of my ‘best’.

I’ve started writing my personal statement for my application for my masters degree. Oh my gosh I find it difficult to write about myself. That probably sounds a little on the absurd side, considering I have published over 500 blog posts. I am already anticipating rejection for something that has not even happened yet. Silly, silly Sarah.

Striving for perfection can really hold you back sometimes, you know. Everything is exactly how I wanted it to be, it just so happens that now I’m here I have moved the goalposts. But I realise that is good – I think I am more ambitious than I have ever given myself credit for, I just need a lot of hand holding sometimes.

4 thoughts on “387.

  1. I know that feeling all too well. I have been struggling to find time to draw these days… and I don’t even remember the last time I painted something. Of course then, when I do find time I am out of practice and feel like I am either relearning how to be creative and unhappy with the final outcome or just don’t feel like I have anything to say creatively.

    To get past this, I will give myself some crazy short amount of time, usually under 10 minutes, to draw anything. It helps me get past overthinking or second guessing and the out that it was a short amount of time so of course it will not be up to my usual standards. After doing that a few times I start to feel it again. Then of course things come up, I get too busy to keep it up and the cycle starts again. Ha! (or Sob!) Heh.

    1. That’s a really good idea! It is so easy to start second guessing yourself. Thank you – I will have to try it :)

    1. Ta Erin! I bloody hope so!!! I want to do Art Psychotherapy. Erm it’s a three year course so I’ve binge saved for a few months and starting playing the lottery haaaa… (Cross your fingers for me would ya?!) I keep hearing rumours that there is a lot of funding available because they’re keen for more women to study postgraduate degrees – I’m yet to find this anywhere but keep your eyes peeled!

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