I went to see the World Goes Pop exhibition at the Tate Modern yesterday. It was fantastic. Now, I will not pretend that I know anything about art – I know as much as the next person (painting does not mean you know art, just that you like creating it)! I just like what I see/don’t like what I see/don’t understand what I see but I will stand for a moment too long to stare at it.

world goes pop

So on an unrelated note, I am now part of the glasses club. I won’t lie, it felt like a sign of old age and I was initially devastated because if nothing else, if I ever were to become a character on the board game ‘Guess Who?’, I would now have entirely different defining characteristics. No one would bother to mention my earrings, that would take far too long. They’d dive straight in with a “..does your person wear glasses?” and if the answer was no I would be flopped over with no further consideration.

On the other hand – and I am yet to decide whether this is a plus or a minus – my glasses do seem to be making me more approachable. This test is in it’s infant stages, too few cases to be considered scientifically valid (I am trying to remember other phrases we had to use in GCSE Science). Something about a bunsen burner and litmus paper. In LONDON, throughout my day, I had three separate people approach me with questions. One woman couldn’t work out how to use the ticket machine, one man needed to know the different between Kings Cross and St Pancras and another lady produced a vial out of her coat pocket and wanted to know exactly what serum can do for your face..!

I confidently bullshitted all three people, of course. That is the good thing about London, I am highly unlikely to ever see any of them again.



4 thoughts on “397.

  1. Hey… been a while since I last visited your blog. I’d like to personally welcome you to the glasses club :)
    I’ve had mine since I was 12 — I never complained until I discovered the wonders of brewed coffee. Regardless, I am grateful that stuff are real stuff and not a static blur or a moving haze. By the way, it suits you. :)
    See ya!

    1. Hello! I hope you are well! Thank you very much. I always wished I wore glasses so I guess I got what I wished for :)

    1. Oh okay I will admit I totally neglected to look at her name…! Naughty me! I love love LOVED this piece though. It just really stuck with me. Yes unfortunately that seems to be art in general, very broadly speaking.

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