I was given a plant recently. It basically just looked like a pot of soil. The tiniest bit of green just breaking through. Perhaps this is odd, my first ever plant at 25 – it just has never occurred to me to actually buy one for myself. Too much trouble, I thought. It probably won’t grow anyway, with me looking after it. With the best intentions in the world, I find it a struggle to even look after myself properly sometimes. Anyway, with minimal attention it grew rapidly over the first few weeks. It grew so much that my sister encouraged me to name it. Name a plant? Uh, okay.. So, Sisqo was doing so well. I thought I had this down.

Anyway, Sisqo turned brown and died. Now it is shrivelled and brown. Sisqo pretty much died before my eyes, each day I’d get to work and it would look worse and worse. Now it sits in front of me – what had so much potential is back to just being a pot of dirt. Do you give up? Do you try again? Do you wait for something more?


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    1. Oh I sorry – stoopid WordPress spammed your comment! Yeah good idea.

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