STREUTH! I’ve just clocked I have (almost) 3000 followers! Thank you all very much for your support, likes, comments and an extra gold star to the 2996 of you who hit the ‘Follow’ button. Without you..where would my art, rambling thoughts, occasional selfies and photos of my dog go?!

My blogs birthday is coming up shortly so I’ll get all the emosh out in this post and then I can go back to adopting a cool and mysterious air. You can go back to thinking “who is that girl? I wonder what cereal she eats for breakfast?” And I won’t even tell you, you will have to just go on wondering.


Do not miss out on the chance to win a free print of mine by heading over to my Instagram @sezzzzle for more info! Or scroll down to my previous post, read and then disregard. Whatever you’re into I suppose.–

Below is a little unrelated bit I knocked up earlier this week. Been waiting yonks for it to dry. Literally been watching paint dry. I’m so wild, so cray-zee.



5 thoughts on “419.

    1. Thank you! The greens and blues took over in the larger photo so I felt obliged to crop

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