I am sorry for my silence. I’ve been awful busy, and when I haven’t been awful busy, I’ve been awful and busy I’ve been anticipating just how much busier I shall be over the next few months. This is my ideal and this is what I would choose, but I just need to remember to be kind to myself and to berate myself less when I am not churning out 9 paintings a week any more. Increasingly so, as my entire weeks last approximately 12 seconds, I feel more inclined to get home and binge watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt than get me paints out.

So on that note, here is an older painting of mine that makes me feel inspired. It is dry but it will never look it. It is no longer available, but I hope it is very happy where ever it lives now. I may post more of these as I am aware there are many bits that have gotten lost in the archive. Bear with me.



Happy birthday to my blog! A whole entire five years old. It has had its highs and its lows but it is still hanging on. I think my drawing ability has come on a long way, if I do say so myself.